Harleys Wonderland

Harleys Wonderland
Be the change you want to see in the world

Friday, February 2, 2007

Stolent From BlueJude C:.

A-available or married? Avaliable. But by me and my friends, Married :D Many wifes . Lawl.
B-best friend? Bruce,Amanda,Brandon,Eevie,Cera,Randi,Alexa,Kyla,Onna,Hope,Ashlyn. C: I have alot, some i was tempted to put here, because they are close friends too XD;
C-cake or pie? Not big on much. Pie is good, but makes me sick after a few bites, really sweet. Funfetti cake ist good. C:
D-drink of choice? Mountian dew Palease C:
E-essential item I use everyday? This keyboard :D
F-favorite color? (I love the rainbow, so favorite shades) Red, Black, Strawberry pink, neon purple, neon green, Ice blue C:.
G-gummy bears or gummy worms? WORMS 8D
H-hometown- Cortland, NY
I-indulgence? Likes you mean? Needles Bandages/Bandaids Ambulences Siren Noises Nurses Red Cross RAINBOWS Alice In Wonderland Glowsticks Cute things Snow Stripes Crazy colored hair Glasses(Especially Emo) Lip rings Techno Dancing Kittens Being vicious Being random Bracelets kandie photography katamari rainy days hugs Socks (knee high) riceballs poptarts Cute skulls Much more..
J-January or February? January.
K-kids and names? Shiloh ishkabibble bertha, :D. (inside joke) And to many others. (I dont honestly have any kids)
M-marriage date? To many ;)
N-number of siblings? D: Older and younger brother. D: hur.
O-oranges or apples? Oranges
P-phobias or fears? Being alone, cars sometimes,bridges,heights,fires, etc.
Q-favorite quote? "Be the change you want to see in the world."
R-reasons to smile? My friends, my love, and family of course!
S-season? FALL :D
T-tag 3 0r 4 people: Anyone reading this who wants to have some fun (I would see you bluejude, but you have done eet already C:)
U-unknown fact about me? I hates getting shots, but i LOVE NEEDLES @_@.
V-vegetable you don't like? Anything green (i like peas sometimes ._.)
W-worst habit? Temper D: CURSING D:<
X- X-traordinary trait? Imagination.
Y-your favorite food? FAST FOOD, Burgers and fries preferably. or chinese.
Z-zodiac? Virgo.

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BlueJude said...

Quite a list there Missy! lol Very interesting.....