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Harleys Wonderland
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Saturday, February 10, 2007

See,Speak,Hear No Evil

"See,Speak,Hear No Evil."
This is for the black and white Self Portrait Challenge.
(do this by clicking on the picture)


BlueJude said...

This is fantastic! I love that you did a three some tho I think you might have a little trouble with the "speaking" part! lol

Marne said...

Great idea for self-portrait! I love the contrast and feeling in all your pictures. My favorite is the "walk the line", too. You are really talented!

Nancy P said...

I love your "See, Speak, Hear no Evil." You are a lot cuter than the monkeys that do it. You're talented, too. Keep up the good work. Nancy P

HarleyChan said...

Bluejude- Yeah your right LOL! My bad. C: Ill have to work on that <3 Luffs.

Marne- Wow thankyou so much! That must of really made my night <3

Nancy- hahaha, i am cuter then the monkeys ;P. ^-^ Thanks <3

Ruth said...

Very cool self photo shoot Miss Harley Girl !!!

I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree..get BlueBubbles to 'splain that. :)

Great photography...love black and whites...and btw you are a Doll with or without lip gloss!!!

Pattcatt said...

Love the barn photo! Great contrast in light and dark. You have a great knack for B&W. Keep it up!