Harleys Wonderland

Harleys Wonderland
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Self portrait D:
"Playing with fairys."


Friday, April 27, 2007

Even though this is a mirror picture, I really like it :D I'll use this in some SPC challenge hopefully.


Thought I might try something with color, and that is expressive.


Buuuuh Theres no point to posting here but since I'm bored OK :D

Saturday, April 14, 2007


"I'm not going to be held down anymore, I'm leaving you behind."

Click to full view :) Please <3>
I was told to post one of these pictures, and so I posted other ones too >:)

This was more of a fun thing to do, not meant to be any real sort of photography. :)
I just love how the lighting comes out in this one room in my house >:D

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Im alive <3

A kiss for you, a dirty secret filled with guilty pleasures. <3>

This phobia of losing you, consumes me from the inside out.


Friday, March 30, 2007

Im alive! :D

I'm still alive.
:] Here are some quick pictures, I took experimenting and having fun yesterday.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Deep Survey

An In depth survey, to how I think, view the world, feel...etc.

1 Describe your personality.I am random, I am unique, I am a leader not a follower, I am honest, I am passionate, I am empathetic, I am loyal, I am kind, I am sensitive, I am strong, I am well known, I stand up for my rights, I am a fighter, I do not change for anyone, I am creative, I am me.
2 Define what beauty means to you.Beauty could be found in a two birds trying to help each other build a nest, or in someone who is very kind. It can be found in the sound of a river running, it can be found everywhere if you would only look hard enough.
3 Describe your current appearance.I have straight blonde hair that goes to my shoulders, and blue eyes. That i'm told sometimes go a bit grey. I have white, or peach skin. I am average height and weight. :O
4 Describe your appearance overall.I just did.
5. Live with ______ in your heart.Love.
6 Inner peace comes one step at a time. Name a step.Acceptance.
G. Think about or dream up your significant other. Describe their aura.They are not afraid to be themselves, and stand up for what is right. They can be fun, and somewhat immature like me sometimes..but they are very deep and kind. And somewhat sensitive, there is no real tough guy act. :O Hm. This is hard. lol
8. Name a pet peeve.I hate homophobes, people who try to force their religion on you, being judged, my brothers sometimes, alcohol, when people are attention whores, or are far to emo, yelling, etc.
9. Find your perfect place. Describe it.I open my eyes and myself on a rugged forest path. There are trees everywhere and a soft breeze settles over the world. There are a few wild flowers blooming beautifully, and little birds hopping everywhere. There are streams running this way and that, and many more paths going this way and that. I can see a cottage up on a ledge, and this is definitely a place you could explore for hours. If you continued through the forest you would eventually come to a clearing with smooth rocks everywhere, and a river that spread for miles. It would be very calming, and glorious.
10 What is the relationship like with your friends?Well most of my friends are very close to me, either best or good friends. I have a tendency to get close to most people I meet, though I do choose carefully. Just because I trust someone does not mean I will tell them everything, I tell certain friends certain things. We love to have fun and be wild and were always there for each other when we need it most. We are also accepting of each other, we don't care about race, religion, sexuality or anything. We love each other for US. <3
11 What is tragedy to you?There are many things that could be a tragedy to me. Having a bad childhood, being abandoned by a loved one, having someone die, there are many things :O
12 What value do you believe in most?I'm not quite sure what you mean. Give me some values..then I could pick one. But if I got this right, I would say the value of love.
13 Look into your own eyes for a second. What do you see?Ok hold on let me go into the mirror. :O I see someone who is very happy, and very deep. Because I am.
14 What was your first infatuation like?Infatuation? By this do you mean a crush? Ive never really had an 'infatuation.' My first crush was in kindergarten, but my first seriously relationship is now and it is beautiful. We are so happy together, and he treats me so well. Ive never felt so in love.
15 Describe your smile.Well it's not lopsided, or goofy..if I make sure to smile just the right amount. I would actually say its pretty.
B Who or what do you live for?I live for the opportunity of life. I live for my boyfriend, I live for my friends, I live for my family. I live to see the world, to have a chance. To make the most of this opportunity. I live...so I may actually really LIVE.
1G Describe your family.Well we have my mother, and she's a stay at home mother. She does art allot late at night and likes her alone time, which I guess one day I will understand. If I knew her when she was younger I think we would have been best friends, she sounds rebellious. I love that about her. The rebellion she went through. My father works here and there, I don't really ask him about it..he just works and gets money..ha. He is also a musician and goes and plays at the bar locally every other Thursday, which is good because I get to stay out later. He talks allot which I guess is ok, but it can be kind of annoying. :O He can be fun to be silly with though. Then theres my older brother and I don't know what to say about him. Were not really close anymore. He plays video games, works on art, listens To J-pop. I think he would have my back if I really needed him, but I try not to get close to him for personal reasons. Then theres my little brother and he's really hyper always running around, wanting to play games and such. He's cute but sometimes I wish he would calm down.
18 Define music.Music is a passageway to let your feelings and soul flood out.
19 What's your biggest wish?My biggest wish is to stay with the person I love forever, and have a happy future wherever it might take me. :O
20 What's the most important lesson you've learned in your life?I have allot. I couldn't put it all into words but I have honestly learned so so much. I know a big one that goes off in my head though, that cutting is not the way out. It really does just make things worse. And that you shouldn't run from your problems, oh..and that you can't make someone change if they don't want too. Yeah.
21 What do you hope for?I hope to live life to its fullest. I hope to have kids without dying from labor pain XD <3 I hope to travel, I hope to just..live. :/
22 What virtue do you believe in most?I don't know.
23 What or who would you give up everything for?Boyfriend, and some of my really close friends.
24 Live to ______.Live. This makes sense if you think hard enough. Even if your alive, are you really LIVING?
25 What's the most important lesson /anyone/ should learn?I don't know. This varies.
26 Name a destination you want to arrive to.A real place? Ok lets try Italy :]
2G Look up towards the sky. What word comes to your mind?Fly, Freedom, vast, hope.
28 Define love.You can't define love, I think most people who have been in love will agree with me. It is perhaps the best feeling in the world even though it can hurt sometimes. If you have been in love I think you'll agree words can barely scratch the surface. It is so many things I couldn't begin to describe it.
29 What's the best advice you can give the generation of tomorrow?Killing yourself is never a way out. Theres always hope, you WILL have a happy future, if you just try hard enough. "I thought I found, once I fought, what I always wanted."
30 Define life.Life is living, its breathing, its feeling, its bleeding, its taking risks, its seeing things, its understanding, its knowing. Life is everything.
31 What's the best way to describe how you love as an individual?What do you mean how I love? I know how to describe how I SHOW I love someone. But now HOW I actually just love them :o.
32 Assuming you believe in Destiny, what do you fear your Destiny might be?I don't fear my destiny at all. From now on Regardless of warnings, the future doesn't scare me at all. I am in control of my destiny, and I will make it a good one. And thats that.
? 33 Assuming you believe in Destiny, what Destiny are you hoping for?See above. I don't feel like detailing it.
34 Some people plan their future. Have you planned yours out?Vaguely but not really. I know I want to go to collage, travel, have kids..and yeah.
35 If so, what are you planning?Above :]
36 What are you striving for?Right now I feel I have everything I could ever want. :O
3G Do you honestly think you'll accomplish your goal?Of course :]
38 Define emotion.Wow this survey really does make you think :]. Its understanding, seeing, and accepting. Its knowing.
39 Assuming you are, how are you unique?Well First Off I don't listen to what anyone else says, I am what I am and no one can change that. I'm not afraid to be myself. I random ally growl at people, head ram them, burst out in song. I am just me. Know me, then you'll know how to answer this.
40 What makes you a leader or follower?A leader. Because I make my own ideas, and Im my own person. I stand up for my rights :>
41 Define home.Home is a place that can be a cage and a shelter. It just IS, for now. It should be a place you feel safe and secure, and happy. :O A place you can call your own. It should be sacred.
42 How is your relationship with strangers?I don't have a relationship with strangers really, I mean they are strangers right? In school I just ignore anyone I don't know if theyre being mean, that or I just don't acknowledge random people usually. If someone looks weird when Im out walking, I avoid them. I don't know.
43 Define poetry.Its just your feelings poured out in words.
44 Define indulgence.Its taking a risk, its really going for what you want.
43 Do you have religious faith?No I do not.
45 Assuming you do, describe it.-
46 Define determination.Im getting a little sick of this survey now :D It's really wanting something, possibly so much you will do anything for it.
4G Define fear.It's not knowing, not understanding, and not accepting.
48 What do you fear most?Being Alone. Thats just my biggest fear.
49 Why?Because I know how it feels, and without the people I love..I really am nothing. They are soo much to me.
50 Define romance.Its the act of showing someone you love them, in your own way.
51 Define romantic. (Yes, there's a big difference.)No theres not. :O
52 Learn from ______.Yourself
53 Know that ______.Your loved
54 Remind yourself to ________.Keep trying
55 What keeps people from appreciating life?Not getting what they want. Focusing on what they don't have instead of what they do. Always wanting more. Not accepting things or learning how to make the best of them. The negative energy..
56 Mistakes are ________.Worth it.
5G Define peace.This one is to tough right now :>
58 Define your past.I had a good childhood, the past five years though have been bad. But I look back now thinking its good I wen't through what I did, I learned allot. It helped me be where I am today.
59 Define courage.Courage is possibly not knowing, not understanding, not accepting, but still being able to do something about it anyway.
60 What's the biggest fear you've overcome?The fear of living.
61 Define your country's history.I don't know.
62 What are you currently feeling?Tired, Impatience, Joy, thoughts.
63 Define your life. (Your life specifically.)My life is like any normal teenagers. Im generally a happy person, and I think I appreciate and understand things better then most people. THis is probably because I take the time to stop and observe. Besides the normal teenage angst of missing your boyfriend, homework, etc everything is smooth sailing. I have problems sometimes but I learn how to deal with them and not let them bring me down. My life is glorious, within its flaws.
64 How do you see the world?I see the world as opportunity.
65 How do you wish you saw the world?:> I don't know yet.
66 How would you like to live?The way I am, only perhaps take a few more risks.
6G Define humanity [as in people, not compassion].People are anything they want to be. It really is as simple and complex as that.
68 Why do you think that word has two completely different meanings?I do not know.
69 Define cecity.Not being able to see.
G0 Are you a controlled person?Yes generally.
G1 If not, why not? If so, why?Because I have learned how to deal with things.
G2 Do you recognize when you get out of hand?Yes I do, though it may take me awhile to admit it.
G3 What influences you to get out of hand?People yelling at me, people having bad attitudes, people not listening, just really ticking me off.
G4 What do you usually do?I yell allot, and say things that are really mean.
G5 And then what do you do to cope?I go up to my room, call someone, blast music, cry, write, draw.
G6 How do you deal with things generally?Above.
GG What angers you most?I won't say :<
G8 What saddens you most?It would sound to cheesy. :/ And I don't feel like putting it here.
G9 What gladdens you most?HIM! HIM HIM! <3 :D And friends.
80 Which value of yours keeps you alive?Love.
81 Which goal of yours keeps you alive?To fully LIVE life.
82 Life is tricky. What's the biggest obstacle you've encountered?Why do you ask such same questions over and over? Probably learning to conquer life.
83 Have you ever experienced any major tragedy?Sort of.
84 What was it?I was very suicidal and depressed for awhile. And people I know being alcoholics.
85 What did it feel like?Horrible. The ultimate emotional pain.
86 Are you an introvert or extrovert?Im usually not shy. And Im very open :>
8G Why?Because thats just me.
88 As silly as it sounds, do you hide from yourself?That's not silly, I know what its like to do that. Not anymore I do not.
89 Some people do. Why, do you think?Because they are afraid, they are hurt, they do not trust people.
90 What's one of the biggest issues you're going through currently?None really. I don't have many big issues right now.
91 Do you think Fantasy has anything to do with reality?Hm.
92 Magic happens every day. What have you seen that's magical?Nature. Seriously :O
93 Overall, what do you believe in?Be more specific. At this point of the survey im getting tired.
94 Choose a stereotype that best fits you.I do not stereotype myself because I do not fit in one. :<
95 Why did you choose it?-
96 What defines your beauty as an individual?See some above questions and put two and two together.
9G Why do you or don't you believe in equality?I do and don't believe in equality. It depends on the situation.
98 Who are you biast against? Be honest.I give everyone a fair chance.
99 Define proof.:|
100 In one word…who are you?Unique, glorious.
And that's where it ends.