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Harleys Wonderland
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Photography :3

Some of my photography. I LOVE the black and white the most :3
This photo has no real meaning, no concept or emotion
but I love it anyway, because the face is adorable.

"Best Friends."
A simple girl moment, I had to capture.

"All That's Left of Yesterday."
This one has a deeper meaning to me.

"Dragon Light."
I just saw this light, and thought it was neat.

"Walk the line."
We are all walking the line of life. It's just a matter of which way we choose to walk. This is my
favorite picture I have taken.

"Bone Tree"
This tree reminded me of someones spine.

No comment

"Leave it all behind."
On the trails behind the park.

"Down by the seashore."
This was actually taken at a river.

"Sit still look pretty."
A picture of my friend I took, call it a self portrait I suppose.
"And you might think it's easy being me, you just stand still look pretty."
-The Wreckers.

"Samara's Barn"
If you have ever seen the ring, you know
Samara lived in a barn. I love the contrast
in this one.

"Breaking Free."
Some say that he looks happy here, in which
I have responded with...
"Even in a cage there is room to roam."

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