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Harleys Wonderland
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Friday, February 16, 2007

Black and white Glamour ;D

I took some shots last night, And I would really appreciate it if you checked them out ^^ If your really interested in one click to fullview. Its MUST prettier that way ;D And clearer. :3

"Were Lost In the Lights and Sounds."
I adore this picture, agian I don't know. Perhaps its the look in my eye.
Copyright(c)Harley A 2007

"Shes so Hollywood."
Self portrait I suppose. I love my glasses ;D
Copyright(c)Harley A 2007

"Beautiful Within Her Flaws."
I love this one so so much, im not sure why C: But I do, even if its not the best.
Copyright(c)Harley A 2007

"Remembering Your Kiss."
More Black and White Glamour Experiments ;D <3 style="font-size:180%;">Copyright(c)Harley A 2007

"Beauty Is In the Eyes of the Beholder."
Having fun with my favorite black and white ;D Doing glamour pics C:
Copyright(c)Harley A 2007



BlueJude said...

I love the first one and Remembering Your Kiss. So glad that your posting more of your wonderful photos!

Nancy Baumiller said...

Hi Harley! I love the photos! Especially "Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder" and "Remembering Your Kiss." Keep hold of your visions darlin they will take you far! xoxo Nance